Brady Miller

Hunter. Writer. Photographer.

Brady Miller

As the Head of Editorial at GOHUNT, Brady knows that results — both in the field and in the workplace — come from one thing: hard work. His passion lies in helping others to achieve their hunting goals.

Brady’s work ethic is clear in the way he handles the day-to-day editorial content on GOHUNT. Whether it’s writing about ways he scouts or uses mapping tools to plan his mule deer hunts or working on ways to use Insider research tools to have your best season ever, he multi-tasks like a champ.

In addition to everything content-related at GOHUNT, Brady also manages all of GOHUNT’s writers. You’ll also see his passion for photography and storytelling across various images on the website.

Brady is addicted to mountain hunting and mule deer… he literally thinks about them every single day of the year. Some would say that his passion is an addiction, but Brady doesn’t mind.

He is a proud Lifetime Member of the Wild Sheep Foundation. Brady has been published in numerous magazines, written small book excerpts on mule deer, and has had numerous articles published in various online websites. In addition, he regularly gives seminars on backcountry hunting and mule deer tactics. To date, he has over 600 articles published.

Brady is one of the hosts of the BIG HUNT GUYS Podcast. In addition to GOHUNT’s podcast, he has also been featured as a guest on several podcasts. The list of podcasts includes; Backcountry Rookies, Battle Mountain Podcast, Beyond the Kill, Bowcast, East Meets West Hunt, Finding Backcountry, Gritty Podcast, Gunwerks Long Range Pursuit, Hunt Harvest Health, Hunt Talk Radio with Randy Newberg, Tundra Talk, Muley Freak, Jay Scott Outdoors, Out Of State Hunter, The Altitude Podcast, The Hunter's Quest, The Hunt Backcountry Podcast, The Rich Outdoors, The Wild Initiative, and Vortex Nation Podcast.

Brady is also known for being resourceful both in the office and out. He once used sunflower seeds, a piece of fishbone, and melted plastic to repair a boat motor in the middle of the backcountry. We are pretty sure he hacks his way around his desktop in exactly the same way.

If you need to reach Brady, feel free to send him an email.

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Brady Miller

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