Chris Neville

An unwavering passion and uncompromising commitment to hunting

Chris Neville

Chris Neville’s unwavering passion and uncompromising commitment to the hunting industry is anchored by his lifelong love of hunting.

At a young age, Chris picked up his first bow and never put it down. As a self-taught hunter, Chris honed his hunting and archery skills during his early years in central Iowa—a state rich with giant whitetail—just steps from his front door. Thanks to his persistence and disciplined approach to hunting, he has produced many trophy moments.

Fueled by a passion and dedication to new challenges and adventures, Chris has bowhunted everything from black bear in Canada to elk in Colorado to wild pigs in Texas. His strategic approach to hunting fuels his desire to learn everything he can to be successful for every hunt. For him, the key to success is planning and preparing every time you step out with your bow.

He has applied the same approach he has with hunting to where he is at today. With a steadfast goal to work in the hunting industry, Chris secured internships that enabled him to gain experience in many different areas related to the industry while he worked on and graduated with a communications degree at the University of Iowa. Chris recognizes the value of digital marketing and its vital and beneficial impact on the millions of people that share his enthusiasm and passion of the hunting industry.

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Chris Neville

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