The gift that keeps giving, and giving, and giving...

Taught by expert hunters, outdoorsman, and chefs. Produced 
and recorded to the highest standards. For rookies and seasoned vets alike, OutdoorClass is the destination for improving your hunting skills.

$99 / year

OutdoorClass ensures you get the most out of your time in the field by giving you access to the knowledge of expert hunters, outdoorsmen, chefs, and more.


We’re bringing together hunting, outdoor, and culinary experts from every field possible to bring you best-in-class instruction

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Professional Production

Our award-winning production crew ensures your courses are easily digestible and rewatchable so you can get the information you need

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Always Something New

We’re constantly looking for new instructors to bring on board, and for new ways to connect our community so you can get the most out of your OutdoorClass education.

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