Grilling Collection

Grilling Collection

Grilling and hunting will forever be joined at the hip. Hunters were the first humans to use heat as a way to cook meat. Perfect your skills - no matter the heat source or grill type.

Grilling Collection
  • Ch. 9 - Steak Diane

    This 200-year-old French classic was originally made with venison. Here’s how to make it.

  • Ch. 11 - Reverse Sear

    A better way to cook big roasts and steaks. Start cool, then sear at the end for more even doneness.

  • Ch. 5 - Mule Deer Tri-Tip with Jimmy’s Chimi

    In this chapter, Chef Jaime will share with you one of her favorite and simplest recipes on the grill. Mule deer tri-tip is simply good, especially topped off with her special chimichurri.

  • Ch. 6 - Elk Steak Tacos

    Elk tacos! In this Chapter, Chef Jaime will go through why she processed a roast into elk carne asada slices, her favorite traditional marinade, and of course making tacos with some fresh ingredients.