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Our roster of instructors has decades of combined experience, and are here to help you take your skills to the next level. Whether you're just out of hunter safety or you're a diehard looking for that extra edge, our instructors will help you get the most out of your time in the field.

Beau Martonik hunts whitetail from a tree stand

Beau Martonik

Beau Martonik is a hunter, outdoorsman, and the host of the East Meets West Hunt podcast. He grew up in the Pennsylvania Wilds region hunting big woods mountain bucks. He relies on consistent scouting and attention to detail when chasing some of the toughest whitetails in the country.

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Bri Coelho's Wild Game: Elevated Course Playbill

Bri Coelho

From her experience in fine dining restaurants to her personal journey of self-harvesting, Chef Bri is dedicated to sourcing ingredients ethically and inspiring others to connect with their food through hunting, foraging, and cooking.

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John Barklow

Become a proficient wilderness hunter with this deep dive into planning, environmental precautions, hydration & nutrition, clothing, and caring for yourself to meet the demands of a multi-day backcountry hunt.

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Hank Shaw

Ever want to know how to get more out of your big game animals? Author and James Beard Award-winning chef Hank Shaw walks you through a nose-to-tail guide on prepping, butchering and cooking the fruits of your hard work in the field.  

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Remi Warren

Take a deep-dive into finding Mule Deer using Remi Warren's 3-Step Advantage Tactics. Learn the critical factors regarding habitat, seasons, physical adaptations, e-scouting, glassing, essential gear, and much more.

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Randy Newberg

Randy's 30 years of rifle elk hunting experience will provide you with critical points to will bring consistent elk hunting success for highly pressured public land bulls during the rifle seasons, mostly the post-rut and late season.

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Jaime Teigen

Wild game chef Jaime Teigen takes you through some fresh, practical, and fun ways to use your wild game in the kitchen and out on the grill. Navigate your way through simple dishes that can be used in your everyday cooking, or more complex dishes to show off your skills in the kitchen.

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Corey Jacobsen: Calling Elk in the Pre-Rut and Peak-Rut

Corey Jacobsen

11-time World Champion elk caller, and professional hunter, Corey Jacobsen breaks down every aspect of calling elk. You’ll learn how to select the best calls for your palate & style of hunting, and then master those calls, as well as gain an intimate understanding of his methods in the field.

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Randy Newberg

Rifle Elk Hunting

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