Beau Martonik walks you through his tried-and-true steps of finding and scouting bucks in these highly pressured, big woods environments.

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Scouting Big Woods Whitetail Bucks

Beau Martoniks poses with a trophy whitetail buck

Whitetail deer are the most popular big game animal to hunt in North America. Lifelong hunter and outdoorsman Beau Martonik walks you through his tried-and-true steps of finding and scouting bucks in these highly pressured, big woods environments. The skills he will teach you can be applied to other areas, such as farm country, and will bring you years of success of finding the buck you want to pursue.

Beau Martonik
Class Length:
13 Chapters
Hunting, Hunt Skills, Whitetail

Lesson Plan

Chapter 1

Introduction to Scouting Big Woods Whitetail Bucks

Lesson Length:

Whitetail deer can live in many different landscapes, including the flat farmlands of the midwest, the Appalachian mountains in the east, the swamps of the south, the Northwoods of Canada, and everywhere in between. Beau will provide you with the knowledge, blueprint, and plan to find success hunting big woods bucks.

A whitetail buck's antlers
Chapter 2

Five Ways To Be a Better Whitetail Deer Hunter

Lesson Length:

We can overcomplicate things and get paralysis by analysis when it comes to hunting, but Beau has identified 5 things that will help make you a better deer hunter. Research, Scouting, Planning & Preparation, Practice, and Execution.

E-scouting for whitetail bucks
Chapter 3

Whitetail Deer E-Scouting Basics

Lesson Length:

Beau goes into scouting methods that you can do from the comfort of your home that will make you more efficient in the woods. Understanding the key terrain and vegetation features will begin to give you the foundations to your scouting plan.

Beau Martonik poses with a trophy whitetail buck
Chapter 4

Finding the Spot Within the Spot

Lesson Length:

Beau goes into the details of choosing a specific area, identifying pressure areas, marking key terrain and vegetation features, historical wind data, wind mapping, building out your scouting plans, and much more.

Signs and marks left behind by big woods whitetail bucks
Chapter 5

Identifying Important Whitetail Deer Sign

Lesson Length:

Beau identifies key sign and what you need to be looking for in the big woods. Not all sign looks the same depending on where you are geographically. Learning to identify the key rubs, scrapes, and bedding areas will help you be more consistent across the country.

An acorn, a key food source for whitetail deer
Chapter 6

Identifying Key Food Sources For Whitetail Deer

Lesson Length:

One of the biggest differences between hunting farm country and big woods deer is the food. There are many quality food sources in big timbered areas, but require different tactics to identify them, and how they play an integral part in a deer’s diet.

Beau Martonik scouts for whitetail deer during the season
Chapter 7

In-Season Scouting for Whitetail Deer

Lesson Length:

You could be wasting your time sitting in a tree if you aren’t in the right place for the time of year. Your off-season scouting is meant to get you in the game, but scouting during the season will get you in the red zone.

About Beau Martonik

Beau Martonik is a hunter, outdoorsman, and the host of the East Meets West Hunt podcast. He grew up in the Pennsylvania Wilds region hunting big woods mountain bucks. He relies on consistent scouting and attention to detail when chasing some of the toughest whitetails in the country. In recent years, he has found a love for western hunting for elk, mule deer, caribou, and other big game species. He is driven by the adventure of do-it-yourself hunts from the Appalachian Mountains to the Rockies and everywhere in between.

Beau Martonik in the OutdoorClass studio

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