11-time World Champion elk caller, and professional hunter, Corey Jacobsen breaks down every aspect of calling elk. You’ll learn how to select the best calls for your palate & style of hunting, and then master those calls, as well as gain an intimate understanding of his methods in the field.

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Calling Elk in the Pre-Rut & Peak Rut

Corey Jacobsen bugling and elk in the peak-rut

Champion elk caller Corey Jacobsen knows a thing or two about making elk sounds. In this course, he breaks down every aspect of calling bull and cow elk, both in the pre-rut and the peak rut. Learn how to select the best calls for your palate & style of hunting, determine the right time & location, and then master those calls to use in the field. You’ll be speaking elk in no time.

Corey Jacobsen
Class Length:
18 Chapters
Hunting Skills

Lesson Plan

Chapter 1

Introduction to Calling Elk in the Pre-Rut and Peak Rut

Lesson Length:

There is nothing like the experience of calling in a screaming bull elk! 11-time World Elk Calling Champion Corey Jacobsen teaches you everything you need to know to use calls effectively to bring elk in close on a consistent basis.

Chapter 2

Selecting the Right Elk Call

Lesson Length:

Corey explains the manufacturing process of building a diaphragm elk call to give you a thorough understanding of how elk calls are made, as well as the differences in elk calls, to help you select the diaphragm elk call that’s going to work best for you.

Chapter 3

Using Elk Calls: The Basic Mechanics

Lesson Length:

A process simplified into individual steps is much easier to master, and Corey breaks elk calling down into its most basic and simplified form.

Chapter 4

Using Elk Calls: Making Cow Sounds

Lesson Length:

Making simple cow sounds is an important part of calling in elk, and it’s also the easiest elk sound to learn to make. Corey teaches you how to make the most realistic sounding cow sounds.

Chapter 5

Using Elk Calls: Making Bull Sounds

Lesson Length:

Corey simplifies the learning process to enable you to make high quality bugles and chuckles so you possess more confidence and can rely on your calls this elk season.

Chapter 6

Understanding Elk Sounds

Lesson Length:

Corey explains the meaning of the most common elk sounds made by cows and bulls, and how elk use those sounds to communicate.

Chapter 7

Locating Elk: Understanding Needs

Lesson Length:

Finding elk during different seasons involves understanding their needs within those seasons, and then knowing where those needs can be met throughout varying terrains.

Chapter 8

Locating Elk: Reading Signs

Lesson Length:

Elk leave clues about where they are and where they have been, and Corey explains how to read those clues to dial in exactly where the elk are while you are hunting them.

Chapter 9

Locating Elk: Using Calls

Lesson Length:

Even when you can’t see an elk, you can often still confirm they are in the area. Corey teaches how to use calls to help pinpoint the location of elk.

Chapter 10

Setting-Up: Getting in the Zone

Lesson Length:

The setup is the most critical piece of the calling process, and Corey explains how to get in the zone to set up in a way that will maximize your calling success.

Chapter 11

Setting-Up: Two-Person Hunting

Lesson Length:

If you want to create the most effective situation for being successful as an elk hunter, having a caller set up a short distance behind a designated shooter is the answer.

Chapter 12

Setting-Up: Solo Hunting

Lesson Length:

Calling elk alone can be difficult, but Corey shows how to overcome solo elk calling obstacles by using the terrain more effectively and using your calls more deceptively.

Chapter 13

Does Calling Really Work?

Lesson Length:

Corey teaches why calling elk based on a “language” isn’t always the best approach, and shares why he feels elk respond to calling and how you can make them respond more predictably.

Chapter 14

My Go-To Elk Calling Sequence

Lesson Length:

Corey’s proven tactic for bringing elk into his calls is simple, efficient, and effective, and he shares how he implements this tactic day in and day out during elk season.

Chapter 15

Other Tactics: The SlingShot, The Triangle, and Hybrid Calling

Lesson Length:

Corey demonstrates his top 3 elk calling tactics to implement with a hunting partner.

Chapter 16

Other Tactics: Mimicking Bulls, Bump & Charge, The Silent Treatment

Lesson Length:

Elk have attitudes, and you can use these calling tactics to expose their weaknesses and take advantage of their attitude. Corey demonstrates his tactics for getting the most out of your call.

Chapter 17

Supplements to Calling Elk: Raking, Decoys, and Midday Madness

Lesson Length:

Corey details several tactics that can be added to your calling sequence to magnify the effectiveness of your calling.

Chapter 18

Calling Elk Top Ten Things to Remember

Lesson Length:

Corey shares the Top 10 things he feels you can do to increase your confidence when it comes to calling elk during the rut.

About Corey Jacobsen

For 11-time World Champion Elk Caller, Corey Jacobsen, there is nothing like the high-country in September. Having earned the title "Champion of Champions", Corey has become the most sought-after resource for elk calling and hunting instruction in the nation.

A professional hunter armed with a mechanical engineer's ability to simplify complex processes, Corey's teaching style will methodically elevate your skills and practices. With 35+ years of calling and hunting experience on public lands, Corey is passionate to help others succeed, and be at their very best in the elk woods.

Corey Jacobsen on-set at the OutdoorClass studio

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