Ever want to know how to get more out of your big game animals? Author and Chef Hank Shaw walks you through a nose-to-tail guide on prepping, butchering and cooking the fruits of your hard work in the field.  

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Venison 101

Learn from one of the masters as Hank Shaw teaches you everything you need to know about getting the most out of your meat. His guides on prepping, butchering, and cooking your hard work will make sure you get the most out of everything you harvest.

Hank Shaw
Class Length:
13 Chapters

Lesson Plan

Chapter 1

Introduction to Venison 101

Lesson Length:

Meet your instructor Hank Shaw, a James Beard Award winning chef, hunter, angler, and forager world renowned for his wild food recipes.

Chapter 2

Seam Butchery Vol I: Hind Leg

Lesson Length:

How to turn a big game hind leg into sinew-free roasts and steaks with just a pocket knife and your fingers.

Chapter 3

Seam Butchery Vol II: Flat Iron

Lesson Length:

Don’t grind shoulders! Here’s how to get a top quality steak from an elk, moose or other large shoulder.

Chapter 4

Seam Butchery Vol III: Skirt Steak

Lesson Length:

How to cut and what to do with the tastiest steak on an elk, moose, caribou, or other large big game animal.

Chapter 5

Taking Stock of the Matter

Lesson Length:

Bones, trim, tendons and silverskin turn into silky, full flavored broth if you’re willing to take it slow.

Chapter 6

The Grind & Smash Burgers

Lesson Length:

How to grind your own burger or sausage meat: coarse or fine, fat or lean all have their place in the kitchen.

Chapter 7

Jerky in All Its Forms

Lesson Length:

Whole muscle or ground, jerky is everyone’s favorite meaty snack. Here’s how to make both kinds.

Chapter 8

Wobbly Bits & Tacos de Lengua

Lesson Length:

Make the “fifth quarter” one of your favorite parts with tips on how to prep, store and cook heart, tongue, liver and kidneys.

Chapter 9

Steak Diane

Lesson Length:

This 200-year-old French classic was originally made with venison. Here’s how to make it.

Chapter 10

Building a Better Stew

Lesson Length:

A perfect stew is built in stages, bit by bit. Here are general tips and techniques to cook standout stews.

Chapter 11

Reverse Sear

Lesson Length:

A better way to cook big roasts and steaks. Start cool, then sear at the end for more even doneness.

Chapter 12

Barbacoa Tacos

Lesson Length:

This Mexican favorite is the best thing to do with a neck or shoulder. Slow cooked, shredded and seared.

Chapter 13

Knowledge Bombs

Lesson Length:

My favorite tips, tricks and techniques to help improve your kitchen skills no matter what you cook.

About Hank Shaw

Hank Shaw is a James Beard Award winning chef, author, hunter, angler, forager and wild foods expert constantly on the lookout for new things to gather, catch and eat.

Hank stands at the forefront of the wild foods movement, and his website Hunter Angler Gardener Cook (huntgathercook.com) is the internet's largest source of tips, techniques, and recipes for wild foods.

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