Get in shape for your backcountry mountain hunt with MTNTOUGH Fitness Lab. Company founder and CEO, Dustin Diefenderfer, takes you through the MTNTOUGH approach to fitness and gives you the tools to train for your next hunt, both physically and mentally.

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The mountain athlete is the cornerstone of MTNTOUGH Fitness Lab. That’s why they’ve created a holistic fitness formula, applicable to anyone who wants to attain peak performance and, ultimately, lead a healthier life. The approach focuses on physical, mental, spiritual and nutritional improvement.

Dustin Diefenderfer
Class Length:
12 Chapters

Lesson Plan

Chapter 1


Lesson Length:

MTNTOUGH believes that mental toughness is just as important as physical strength. With a coaching staff comprised of former Navy SEALs, Army Rangers, and renowned physical trainers – their workouts aren’t easy, but they’ll prepare you for the varied conditions of a mountain hunt, or the grind of everyday life.

Chapter 2

MTNTOUGH Pillars & Ethos

Lesson Length:

MTNTOUGH breakdowns the four pillars and ethos that are central to their approach for training and personal development. The core values and principles will help you unlock your full potential, both physically and mentally.

Chapter 3

Goal Setting & Identity

Lesson Length:

MTNTOUGH shares the top three tools to help you set your fitness goals. The key is consistency and focusing on “who” you want to be and the daily habits that align with that identity.

Chapter 4

Mental Toughness 101

Lesson Length:

Just like we train our bodies to become stronger, we must also train our minds to become more resilient. MTNTOUGH shares their fundamental mindset principles and breaks down the five ways you can build your mental toughness.

Chapter 5

Training Nutrition

Lesson Length:

Don’t sign up for a fad diet as part of your pre-season hunting prep. This MTNTOUGH lesson walks you through the latest science-based food facts that take the guesswork out of nutritional success for mountain athletes.

Chapter 6

Backcountry Nutrition

Lesson Length:

You’ll likely burn more calories than you can carry in your pack. MTNTOUGH shows you how to calculate your caloric burn and how to adequality plan meals to keep your energy high in the backcountry.

Chapter 7

Mobility Workout

Lesson Length:

Take the time to improve your stretching and mobility. Turn on this MTNTOUGH workout for a guided mobility flow that can be a daily routine or a supplement to your regiment.

Chapter 8

Bodyweight Workout

Lesson Length:

This workout is for anyone who needs a kickstart to get moving and take that first step. This MTNTOUGH chapter guides you through the groundwork – no gear necessary – just your body and a little space to move around in.

Chapter 9

Minimal Gear Workout

Lesson Length:

Consistency is your greatest asset if you want to stay in shape. Training for hunting requires year-round dedication, so you need minimal gear workouts that can go with you anywhere. This MTNTOUGH chapter provides a convenient solution to get ready for any mountain adventure, from your home with minimal equipment.

Chapter 10

Heavy Pack Workout

Lesson Length:

MTNTOUGH heavy pack training requires your pack, some sandbags, a box or cooler and a pull-up bar.  The workout simulates a successful backcountry hunt and lets you know if you are currently physically & mentally ready for the mountain.

Chapter 11

Full Gear Workout

Lesson Length:

This lesson breakdowns MTNTOUGH’s flagship training using full gym gear and equipment. This class is to drastically increase your strength.

Chapter 12

Proper Recovery & Future Success

Lesson Length:

If you take care of your body, it’ll take care of you. Hunting takes a toll on your body, and recovering properly can reduce injuries while preparing you for the next outing. Whether you realize it or not, as a backcountry hunter you’re a performance athlete, so you should be recovering like one.


MTNTOUGH is a fitness lab based in Bozeman, Montana that spends time researching long-term athlete success and potential. Their research is clear: maintaining peak performance over decades, requires a system of good habits on autopilot.

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