Dive Deep on Venison Techniques with Hank Shaw

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Dive Deep on Venison Techniques with Hank Shaw
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If you're an avid hunter or simply a food enthusiast, you’ve probably heard of Hank Shaw. He’s a James Beard Award-winning chef and author of five cookbooks, including his latest, Hook, Line, and Supper. In his newest course for OutdoorClass, Venison 101, Hank takes you through all things venison, from the moment the animal is downed all the way to the dinner table.

Venison 101 is designed to help you conquer the stage fright that comes with cooking unfamiliar game meat, and Hank will walk you through how to take apart a deer or other big game animal with just a knife (and maybe a Sawzall). He'll teach you how to butcher the animal into beautiful cuts that you can braise, grill, or sear, and you'll learn bedrock skills that go far beyond the world of wild game.

One of the key takeaways from the course is how to waste as little of the animal as possible. Hank has unique uses for all the cuts, from steaks and roasts all the way through shanks, organs, bones, and even the head. He'll demonstrate how to make stocks and broths, how to build a better stew, the ins and outs of grinding your own meat, and much more.

You'll learn how to smoke venison, which has some tricky intricacies considering how lean it is. With much of Hank's cooking inspired by Mexico, he'll also show you real-deal Mexican meals along with easy-to-make, home adaptations of classics like barbacoa.

No course on venison cookery would be complete without Hank's signature dish—steak diane. Perfect for date night, it's both elegant and comes togetherquickly. Hank's tips, tricks, and techniques will ensure you come out of the course a better cook—not only with your big game animals but in everything you cook.

In summary, Hank Shaw's Venison 101 is a must-watch for anyone interested in cooking wild game meat. You'll learn how to butcher the animal, waste as little of it as possible, and create beautiful cuts that you can turn into delicious meals. You’ll learn bedrock cooking skills that go far beyond the world of wild game, and you'll become a better cook in no time.

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