Intro to Backcountry Mission Planning

John Barklow

Intro to Backcountry Mission Planning
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Planning a backcountry hunt can be intimidating. Every detail counts when preparing for such an adventure, and the time and effort you commit to it beforehand can significantly affect your chances of success. That's where John Barklow's Backcountry Mission Planning course on OutdoorClass comes in handy.

This comprehensive course supplies hunters with the foundational knowledge required to plan and execute a successful backcountry hunt. It covers everything from e-scouting and route planning to gear selection and nutrition requirements. Here are three quick factors to consider from John’s course.

Hiking Pace

One of the critical aspects of planning a backcountry hunt is understanding your hiking pace and how it affects your route plan. By factoring in the distance between camps, water sources and animal concentrations, you can determine the food and fuel you need for your trip.


Another crucial factor is the altitude where you hunt. Knowing the altitude will help you limit its effects. Your body needs on average, 24-hours to acclimate to each 1,000 feet you climb above 8,000 feet in elevation. Another tip is to climb high, sleep low and stay hydrated while your body is acclimating.


It’s important to have shelter in the backcountry. Make sure to consider the weather, the length of your trip and your level of comfort. Shelter can be a simple tarp, a bivy sack or a teepee or tent.

John Barklow’s Backcountry Mission Planning course will help you be more effective and efficient in your offseason hunt preparations. As John says, “By failing to plan, you are essentially planning to fail”. Take the course now on OutdoorClass, and be better prepared for the untold demands of the wilderness.

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